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A Kite Shield bent, covered with 12 oz cotton duck canvass, and primed white.

Aprox 20" wide x 41" tall.

The back side of the Kite Shield, Painted flat black to eliminate glare. Padding and Straps have not yet been added. 

A custom "four Square" strap configuration. This allows the shield to be grasped different ways. This is based on the early Norman (1066) shields.

Regular strapping of the enarmes and guige. (Arm straps and neck strap.)

Transitional Heater Sheild Front.  Note the rivets for the strapping.

Aprox 22" wide x 36" tall.


Transitional Heater Shield Back showing the enarmes and guige.

Heater shield front. 

Aprox 25" wide x 29 3/4" tall.

Heater Back showing the padding and straps.

A close-up of the strapping , lacing for adjustment, and rivets. Hand hammered.

This is a concept design base on a picture supplied by a Brother. I intend to shave the sides down to closely match the picture at the left. I stand 6' 0" tall.  This will be about  22 1/2" wide x 42 1/2" tall.

All shields are three ply laminate of 5 mm  luan plywood.  This is lighter and stronger than coventional plywood.  This gives my shields an over-all thickness of 9/16" thickness rather than the 1/2" that conventional shield makers produce. Each shield is reenforced with 1/2" screws (the ammount depends on whether you will be fighting with it or not. Fighting shields get extra screws around the edges).  Each shield is covered with 12 ounce cotton duck canvass.  All straps are hand riveted in place.  The average weight of the shield is 8 pounds.  All shields are custom made, and I will do as little or as much work as you want.  The price sheets are available upon request, and are laid out for you to pick and choose your options.  The price listed is for members of the Beausant Brotherhood and reflect a 20% discount.  I do ship world wide, but unfortunately, due to the size of the crate, overseas  shipping (outside of the United States) is very expensive. 

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