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Cliff Repicky (de Beaumanoir)

Born a stone's throw from one of the major religious centers of Medieval Europe, not to mention one of the largest Templar Preceptories in Germany, you could say I had castles and knights in my blood. I was raised up playing with knight toys and playing medieval warfare table top games. I purchased a book on knights and chivalry in high school which I still have today .

Reading about medieval warfare (especially the Crusades) and about the Military Orders (St Bernard said they were to be the new Knighthood: the embodiment of Christian chivalry) is a passion of mine, and has helped me put together an extensive library.

When I was old enough, I enlisted in the Army and served 20+ years as an Infantryman, where I thought I needed to be, so as to closely resemble the knights of old. I know they say mounted knights are today's armor and cavalry, but it's the Infantryman who fights the close combat on a daily basis, and we wear armor plates today, much like they did before.

I've always had a great interest in the Crusades and the Military Orders that spawned during their time frame. I still believe the Crusades is a much misunderstood period in today's Western history lessons. I carried the Beausant (Templar Banner) into the Outremer in 08 and actually spent time in Salah ad Din province.

After retiring I finally had time to indulge my hobby, and go out and purchase items to help lend a visual aspect to my addiction. With medieval accoutrements and a sense of purpose, I strove off to talk to people about my passion, and ended up doing lessons for Boy Scouts, Schools, and a church.

With presentation responsibility comes the need to set the example for the children. They look up to knights, as they've heard the stories when they were growing up. Too many youth today, lack valid role models. I try to find any reason I can to put armor on and get their attention, because with their attention comes the opportunity to change their future courses of action.  Many young folks have attached themselves to this effort. With this interest, they've found a place to devote their time and open a book or two. I have had the priviledge of being published in several periodicals on the subject of the Crusading Orders.


James Rogerson

       I have had an affinity for the Medieval Ages, especially the Crusades, since childhood.  I was heavily influenced by the likes of Ivanho, Robin Hood, The Once and Future KIng, The Flame and the Arrow, and El Cid, just to name a few.


      When I turned 18, I joined The Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization in the Catholic Church. Upon making Third Degree, I was subsequently Knighted.  This taught me about service to others and charity.


     After graduating from High School, I enlisted in the U. S. Navy.  I served for 26 years, retiring in 2004.  Traveling around the world,  I was afforded the oportunity to visit some Crusader era castles in Malaga, and Palma Majorca Spain.  This added to my interest in the times of the Crusades. During a brief port visit to Israel, I became obsessed with the goal of one day going to Jerusalem; a goal I have yet to achieve.


      My interest in the Religious Military Orders really gained momentum after my retirement from the Navy.  I have acquired a nice library of books by noted specialists in the Orders, and other reference material, such as Osprey publications. My most prized posession by far is one titled "Rule Statutes and Customs of the Hospitallers, 1099-1310" by The Knight of Malta.  A very rare book, it is a 1981 reprint of the 1894 version, and later the 1934 translated printing. The same information can be found online, but having a hard copy is a treasure.


      My principal interest lies with the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem (the Templars), with my secondary study in the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John (The Hospitallers).  I have kits in both Orders.  Eventually I will add a Teutonic impression.  Educating the public about the misconceptions of the Crusades as well as the Military Orders is an ongoing process, but is a worthy cause.


     Peace be with you. 




Paulo Paes

I still remember very well the back pages of my notebooks in the 6th grade covered with my drawings about knight Templars with their chainmail coifs, swords, and shields. Hi, my name is Paulo and I’ve been fascinated with the Templars and military orders from a young age. I grew up listening to stories, and reading and watching movies about it. Later on, when I went to Architecture school, the medieval architectural was one of my favorite subjects. How spectacular was building up those magnificent cathedrals and castles with very limited technology. All that beauty of those sculptures and the mystery behind of it was intriguing to me.


When I moved to SE Wisconsin and after going a few years to one of the largest Renaissance faires in the country, I decided one day that the next time I went,  I would go wearing something special and it would be before the period between the 14th and 17th centuries. I wanted to go to the early crusades and wear what I used to draw! When I started my kickoff, one of my searches online led me to the event “Crusades of Bristol” hosted by Michael Meyer . It really caught my attention because it was scheduled to be at the same Renaissance faire that I regularly attended. I contacted him, expressed my interest in the event, and told him that I had just started my kit.  Michael introduced me to this brotherhood, and since then, I have learned a lot. I have had the opportunity to meet awesome people online and in person that share the same interest, and I have made many friends. Talking to other members about the lack of a website about reenactment group, we decided to create these pages and share with you our knowledge and passion.


Deus Vult.


Amy Adams

As almoner and honorary Mother Confessor to this honored group, I must start with my own confession. I am a humble devotee who follows just to be in the company of such fine members and glean from the ripe field of knowledge. My esteem for this group grows daily and I am grateful to be involved. Having nurtured my fascination with historical portrayals at renaissance festivals throughout the southeast creating Elizabethan interpretations, I was lured through the R/F bulletin boards to the daily posts of the Grand Master and his wealth of crusading information. This enticed me to accept an invitation from Brother Metz to present a medieval impression and I was hooked. I will ever be the student and am continually awed and inspired by this era’s lessons. My background as a contract manager for large construction firms and a turn as a bank mortgage originator give me the experience to keep our ledgers in order. With my postulant/daughter, Sister Sarah at my side we will endeavor to bring comfort, succor and a laugh to everyone we meet. Lord, let us be worthy of our callings


Michael Meyer

I am Michael Meyer Admiral of the Brotherhood.


I have chosen the Order of St. John, better known as Knights Hospitaller as my Order of choice. To understand me and why I selected them, you’ll need a little background. I am Knight Commander of Bristol for the Medieval group “Free Company of Outlander”.  I command the Privateer/Pirate Ship “Wil’s Revenge” a ship based on the Privateer Navy of 1700-1800’s  United States. Being fed up and disappointed in the direction of festival/fair and the behavior of people around me, I started looking for a new outlet for my passion for history and stronger moral ideas. More in line with my way of thinking. So the more research I did on the order of St. John, and their role in Shipping and Piracy against the Barbary pirates, as well as the Templar’s use of Privateers to move riches from the Holy Land to France, and possibly beyond, I became hooked on the naval aspect of these Military Orders. With that, my kits have grown and gotten better, and I strive to bring more people to the Orders and encourage people to do their best and have fun with it. We should also educate and defend the Cross and the true History of the Crusades and I will do my best to bring this into my everyday life as well.


  Mark Williams & Michael Champion

© 2016 by Beausant Brotherhood


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