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1. How can I become a member?

Answer: Seek the Brethren out at any of a number of medieval or renaissance festivals worldwide. They prefer to not travel alone (as per the Rule) so groups of them should be easy to find. Also, if you’re reading this here, you’ve found the easiest way to make contact with us. We can provide points of contact or information regarding events you’ll find our members at. We’re not at all of them…..yet, but we’re growing.

2. Can I be a member without a garb?

Answer: The quick answer is YES. We have plenty of “Secular” supporters that range from royalty, to the clergy, historians to enthusiasts, male & female, and child to adult. If your desire is to put a “look” together, you must understand it’s a continuous work in progress. It’s here where you can ask your questions and get answers on how to “adopt a habit” with a minimum of expenditure. The only dumb question here, is the one that is never asked.

3. Is there any monthly fee?

Answer: The answer is NO. This is a group of “like-minded enthusiasts that want to share the camaraderie of events and the history of the Military Orders. There is the fact though that maintaining an information portal such as this, incurs a monthly or annual fee, so much like the Orders of history, it survives on the donations of others. The group has a PayPal account that is managed by a select cadre of the Brotherhood. This provides a “check & balance” for funds received. Excess funds (those received over the cost of portal maintenance” is directed into purchasing recognition items that are awarded at the Annual Chapter and other identified events to deserving members.

4. Who are the “select cadre” for the Brotherhood?

Answer: You can find their identity on the website. They are a “domestic” (Continental USA) cross section of all members of the Brotherhood, charged with the upkeep and hopeful continued existence of this cyber preceptor and its contents. We also have key members across the world that handle Brotherhood affairs in their geographical region, like Spain, Germany, Chile, and Isreal.

5. Are there behavior standards?

Answer: The answer is YES. This is a group of “like minded enthusiasts. We focus our displays and knowledge on the Christian Military Orders of the 1095-1565 period. We are not pushing any political agenda. This is a family friendly Brotherhood and as such we ask that our members comport themselves in an appropriate fashion. St Bernard declared that the concept of the Military Order, through the Templars, was the “New Knighthood”. Therefore we ask that our members show an amount of chivalrous application when attending events. We love inquiring people show up, we treat all from the young and old, to the healthy or infirm with the utmost courtesy. It should be a member’s personal desire to have them walking away from an encounter, wanting to come back for more. Members who behave in an unacceptable fashion (reports can be made through our Facebook or Website preceptories), can and will be removed from the Brotherhood without debate. We ARE the standard for which other Warrior Monks will be judged by.

6. Is the Brotherhood SCA?

The answer is NO. But we have members who also belong to that organization. We also have members in full contact BOHURT, BoN, etc. Ours is not a “fighting” organization, if that’s what you seek, we can point you in the right direction within the Brotherhood to meet your needs. Again we are an international enthusiast group that centers on the Military Orders (of which there are more than the Big Three) from the period of 1095-1565.

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