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Below are some suggested items to add to your kit to really make your impression "POP".  Some items are really a must have such as the Monastic Hat, and Arming cap. These were required by the rule, and are key to the overall impression. Others are just extra trimmings that enhance the overall look. 

The Monastic Cap, or pill box hat, is one of the key elements that define the look of the Brothers. Some orders such as the Hospitallers wore a white skull cap vice the pill box.

The coif is standard head wear for nearly everyone. Much lighter than the padded arming cap, it is made from linen, wool, or even thin leather or equivelent. 

The Cincture is worn around the waist. It is made of light rope (such as Macrame twine), and is woven or braided. It is long enough to be doubled over and tied.

Paternosters are the fore-runner of the Rosary. No monk would ever be without a set. Each one consisted of either five or seven decades of beads, with five being the most common. These are easily made, and are a must have for any kit.  NOTE: Use artificial sinew to make them.

The knife and pricker set is the most common eating utensile and is relatiely inexpensive. Highly fuctional, it adds to the look very nicely. 

A drinking cup made from a gourd. It has been cleaned out, and lined with bees wax. 

This simple bag, called a Pilgrim's Scrip, is used to carry items securely. It is historically correct, and looks very good with your soft kit. Easily made from heavy canvass, wool or linen.

A canteen made from a bottle gourd. Cleaned out, and lined with bees wax. The thong is made from braided leather boot laces.  Brother Martin Telinius recommends wrapping it in wool and once done, it could be wetted to keep your water cool. This is a future project.

Here we see how the little details stand out, and make for a great photo, vice just a good photo. The nice part is that most of these things can be easily made, with very little cash outlay. Pax Vobiscum.

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