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Welcome to the 8th annual event, or "General Chapter" that culminated five years of planning for the first rendezvous of Military Order Warrior Monks in 2010. Here you will find a growing fraternity of like minded enthusiasts, who've "taken up a habit" and come together in one location.


Originally the event was held in Fishers Renaissance Festival in Indiana, due to its centrally located geographical location to many of the original members. It became known as REN-DEUS-VULT, a play on the word "rendezvous" and Urban II's battle cry for the first Crusaders. If you don't know who Urban II is, then this is a great reason to attend one! Since that time, the Brotherhood has seen an increase in membership along with a growing geographical footprint. To address this, and give all our brethren and sisters a better chance to attend one, we've adopted a roving approach to where each year's chapter will be held.


Previously they've been held in Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia and Ohio. We try to identify the next location shortly after the closure of the current session. This provides nearly a year of planning time for others. We hope to see you there, but if you can't make it, we understand that Real life comes first, than you can relax as there are plenty of smaller rallies that take place both in the US and around the World. So come on, take up a habit, and we'll see you there!




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